BCA Services

Bio-Chemical Angioplasty also known, as Chelation Therapy is a treatment for coronary artery disease. A mixture of biochemicals is inserted into the body through the intravenous route. This leads to softening of the heart blockages, with gradual reduction in them over the course of time.

During a research by a medical organisation, they found out that in a particular medical factory, as lots of chemicals pass through the factory pipes on a daily basis, the chemicals react with the wall of the pipes and create plaque like obstructions. As a result of which, the factory had to shut down its operations for 10 days every month.

To clear the pipes they used to send some opposing chemicals in the same tube and the plaques got removed. BCA works on the same principle. When human arteries get blocked, a mixture of triglycerides and bad cholesterols (LDL) is what makes up the blockages. When some opposing biochemicals are inserted in the body, these soften the heart blockages clearing them eventually, thus opening up heart blockages without any surgical procedures.

Benefits of BCA Treatment

BCA Representation

The benefits of BCA Treatment are the following :

  • Very low cost therapy.
  • Involves minimal invasion.
  • Softens the heart blockages, often reduces them completely.
  • Shows fast results very often.
  • Stimulates a natural blockage removal system.
  • Upto 50% prevention of recurrent heart attacks.